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I started out with 3 people, looking forward to everything excitedly. Loitering around some peaceful towns, and decided to take some messenger/caravan quests. I found out the pay is incredibly low, so I began to hate the devs. Then I realized what happened and began to pity the devs, they must have an incredibly hard life before this. I completed quite a number of errand boy brother missions. Everything is so peaceful and serene, just nice- wait a minute. Why are there no enemies at all?

I created a new world and start the game again. This time, enemies are everywhere. Even the shortest route for errand brother quest is guarded by multiple badass bandit groups. There is absolutely no way to complete even the meager pay missions. In addition, the quest dealer always propose raid quests with 4800, 3000 rewards. Do I look like I can take on these quest with just 3 people? Are you stupid?

Since the quests are unreasonable, I started to prey on enemies by luring them to guard towers and defeat them together with guards. After the first time I sold equipments found, I decided to never take on quests anymore. I’ve been reluctant to recruit new member as I want to try things out with just 3 members. Later, I realize this is not viable as enemies are far too strong for me to mess around with. This is the prequel before my brothers rise.

However, today I only wish to post about a new role I’ve discovered recently.

I call this role “Half tank”. You require a brother with Swordmaster background.

Half tank ==> you can use other weapons for offensive purpose, but you’re advised to use Noble Sword for Riposte to maximize and utilize the defensive functions of this role. Especially good against light armored enemies.

Half tank + Indomitable = role “Guardian” ==> choose Fortified Mind to cope Ghost’s mental attacks, Anticipation to cope archers, or Rotation to keep your allies alive. This role is excepted lure/group enemy and hold them for very long time. Indomitable is essential to avoid getting knocked back (stunned) by shields (orcs). Despite Indomitable’s skill description says you’re no longer able to dodge, you still can dodge like normal.

Half tank + Rally the troops = role “Paladin” ==> you can choose any tier 2 utility perk as they are quite useful for different styles. This role provides better offensive functions than Guardian. Also, Indomitable is only useful if you’re going to lure & tank all enemies by yourself, which is less practical as you always fight with other brothers with a battle line.

1 brother against 13 orc youngs and 1 orc berserker. Despite the name says “Paladin”, he is actually Guardian.

You can switch between basic mail shirt and mail shirt.

Stats growth priority
    Melee skill ==> increase this stat almost every level
    Melee defense ==> increase this stat moderately (will be explained at below)
    Max fatigue ==> increase this stat almost every level
    Ranged defense ==> increase this stat moderately (will be explained at below)
    Resolve ==> depends, but I doubt you have spare stats points for this

When melee def is 92, orc youngs have about 5% (7/130) chance to hit me.
When melee def is 80, orc youngs have about 6% (12/180) chance to hit me.
When melee def is 68, orc youngs have about 11% (14/126) chance to hit me.

The experiment above is performed when 6 orc youngs have surrounded me. *Result might not be extremely precise because I didn’t separate the overwhelming effect which enemies inflicted on me, but the result should be practically precise/useful as enemy will overwhelm me in combat. As a reminder, I think different enemies might have different chance to hit.

In my case, I increase my melee defense to around 60 (30 multiplied by 2 due to Nimble), and the Hold Out perk will further increase it by 20 (so I have about 80 melee def in total). Then I spent my spare stats point on ranged def. You can increase Resolve for your Paladin if you think he is good enough to survive in various situations.

I might post other roles of my main force later. I never go for defensive style, so this is probably my first and last role with defensive functions.