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>> My only worry about the commander suggestion is the departure from the all chips in feel of the game. A character that gets special treatment would remove a quality that I think bb has, especially in the early game which is that of mercenaries desperately fighting to make a living and keep each other alive.

Depends on the ability of commander, it might change the game entirely. The skill tree, the formation, everything.

>> If the tactician can die like everybody else, then fantastic.
Even if he can die like everybody else…… everybody will actually die for protecting him when necessary. The weight of lives are not the same. There is a dilemma here. If the commander has far more importance than everyone else, they are just pawns. He would steal all the spotlight. I think I won’t love other brothers anymore, not like how I treat my brothers now. If the commander is only slightly more important than everyone else, there is no good reason to have him on the team.

I prefer a star team, rather than a star player on the team.

Still, commander concept is nice. I would prefer it happen in expansion or DLC, but not under the current settings of BB where we play as a team. There has to be a leader in the team, right? The leader could be a spiritual leader that works as a fence-straddler, not necessary a battlefield leader which issue absolute order. The brothers fight according to agreed plan, and will signal or communicate with other brothers when different situation arises. So we can have Battle Brothers, rather than Battle Commander.

I find that character customization is not enough. You can’t tell the difference between archer A , B, C or remember them as separate individual (even if they have different traits and slightly different stats). Hereby I suggest “Brotherhood Traits”. These traits are absolutely unique as they cannot be shared by two brothers (unlike common traits, Brave, Optimist etc), and they have noticeable impact in battle. Each brother can only have one Brotherhood Trait, it is first acquired at lv 4 and can be replaced at lv 7 & 10.

Here are some examples of Brotherhood Traits:

Rivalship ==> Increases your damage & chance to hit by 15% when an ally next to you has defeated an enemy.

Now or Never ==> Triggers when an enemy has 50% or more chance to kill an ally with broken armor. Increases your damage, chance to hit and fatigue cost to 200% (fatigue can go beyond zero and becomes negative) against that enemy. The target must have sufficient remaining AP to perform the killing blow in the same round. Also, you’re not allowed to take any action (other than attacking the target) in order to trigger this effect. “Everything happens so fast, all you know is your precious person is going to vanish in the next second…

Teamwork ==> increases chance to hit by 50% when an ally is in the opposite direction next to an enemy in front of you. Also, increases that ally’s chance to hit against the target by 50%.

Lone Wolf ==> the user is a very very shy brother. He lacks the courage and ability for communication and interaction, as much as he desires to be acknowledged by other brothers. Increases all stats by 2% per tile away from the nearest brother, up to a maximum of 30%.

Caretaker ==> Once per round, when an ally leaves a tile which is both enemy and your ZoC(Zone of Control) tile, you have a chance to intercept enemy ZoC attack. Your intercept chance equals to your ZoC’s chance to hit. If successful, your ally can leave safely. If failed, your ally will try to dodge as usual. You must have equipped melee weapon with range 2 to activate this effect.

Trust ==> when a brother performs ranged attack on enemy next to you, increases his chance to hit by 20%. Even a gold medalist archer would hit the target slightly off if you put a very expensive vase next to the target. But if you put someone who believes and acknowledges your skills next to the target, you can fire with full confidence without anxiety. Please don’t bash me on this one, this psychology theory works like a charm in movies and games.