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(hedge knight strong trait 90 melee skill tunic 150 max fatigue perfect focus = 7 greatsword hits) + (adventurous noble fearless trait 100 resolve rally the troops = 3 greatsword hits) = 10 greatsword hits in a round

Are you sure you want me to hit you?

Hold Out is the one of the very few defensive perks that is actually handy. In addition, Nimble has effect on the +10 melee defense provided by Hold Out. So if you have both Hold Out & Nimble, your confidence status gives you +20 melee defense.

If you’re going to learn tier 2 or 3 defensive perks, Hold Out is probably a must-learn perk. In terms of survivability, I think it can completely replace Colossus, if you have to choose between one. Ignoring combat penalties when wavering or breaking gives you more chance to survive than having 25% extra hp.