Reply To: The Short Trait

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>> That’s where the power comes into play, which you exert more of if you’re taller. Not sure what you mean by shorter people having better posture and balance?
I’ve never compared a tall and short person reloading a crossbow before (neither have I tried reloading a crossbow before), so this is pure imaginary result from what I’ve experienced in using relatively shorter/smaller tools.

Imagine a very tall person bending down just to reload a relatively short/tiny crossbow. Provided he’s not more agile or having better sense of balance than most people, he would take longer time because he has to bend more than other people. He will also take slightly more time to balance his stance/posture when reloading.

Let’s assume this person has average height. Looking at the angle he bent his waist, I think it easier for him to exert more force if he’s slightly shorter.