Reply To: The Short Trait

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>> I’m pretty tall and I’ve never experienced or seen others experience difficulties like that. You just use your waist and exert a lot more power that way. Balancing and posture are only an issue when you’re still in your growth spurt and not used to your new height yet.

Not sure if it’s just me. When I bent about 90 degrees (that’s what most people do when reloading crossbow), I feel like I can’t exert full force to pull something like crossbow string because I spend some strength on controlling my balance (center of mass) as I lean forward a lot. I think I can reload crossbow(pull string) faster if I sit on chair, rather than bending down like that to reload it, then stand up again. I can probably exert full force at max speed if I sit on a chair. So if a person can bend less to reload crossbow, he can use more force at faster speed due to less clumsiness and have more appropriate distance for his arms(and waist) to exert force.

Still, everything I said is imaginary or not solid because I’ve never reload a crossbow (I’m just imagining what would happen if I pull something like that size with that posture). Not to mention about the subjectively or habit for different people. Also, I have no idea how short is a “short” brother.

But that’s all chit chat. Now let’s talk about some important stuff.

>> The picture is kind of small, but seems to me like he’s not using his hips properly for leverage.


I dunno how to say this, man.

I-think…. Errr… maybe you shouldn’t stare so hard at other’s hips. It’s really scary, especially when you’re pretty tall.