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Ill drop some quick answers:

1. This is a gameplay decision to create a clearer funtional differentiation between weapons. We like it crisp and tight, so weapons have effects which are unique to them. It would be bit bland (allthough may be more realistic) if all weapons would damage shields with just variations in damage numbers.

2. This sits in our backlog since centuries… Planned is a right-click info window you can open on enemies and it stays open (like in HOMM). You then hover over the different skills, status effects etc and get detailed toolip informations. So this is just a missing UI feature.

3. Agreed :)

4,5: Wuld be a solution, especially if we get more complex environments like castles with stairs or whatever.

6. So this is working as intended then :) Maybe I’m not totally accurate on this but the attack of opportunity should be a normal enemy attack. Shield wall or other defensive maneuvers increase your chances of dodging. This could eventually be made clearer to the player via UI improvements.

7. We want this to remain ab it of a mystery, so you’ll stay alert .) But basically you are right. Brothers killed by zombies (whether with a weapon or a bit doesnt matter) have a certain chance of raising again. Apart from that they could be raised by a necromancer.


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