Reply To: Suggestion Collection

Avatar photoGOD

The current Indomitable perk isn’t necessarily bad mechanically but it’s not a very attractive pick as a high level defensive perk because of its passivity, in spite of being an active ability. Passive here meaning that it is more reliant on circumstances, rather than planning. That’s not a bad thing, but it makes it a less attractive pick compared to the other active tier 3 perks (not counting Return Favor, which suffers from the same problem). Perfect Focus and Rally the Troops you can easily think of how and when you’ll use it. On the other hand, the moments when you’ll be able to plan ahead on needing Indomitable are far fewer. As a result, I’ve never found myself going beyond tier 2 for the defence tree. It’s always tier 1 and 2.
Instead, how about making it a passive ability that makes it so that the opponent’s abilities can no longer move that character. So no push or pull (including Orc Warriors their ability). He only moves when you want him to move (when sane). That would suit the theme of being an indomitable juggernaut and allow you make a tactical plan, without being overpowering. Being tier 3 keeps it from being a hard-counter to those abilities, since you’re missing out on the really useful abilities of the other perk-trees, while still being a useful addition.

More perks
Perks are a great way of diversifying mercs and are a lot of fun to tinker around with, so I’d like to see more get implemented, without changing the level scale, for more build diversity. Not changing the level scale keeps things from getting overpowered and makes picking the perks more meaningful, compared to having b a boatload of perk-points.

Centre on company
Could be that I just missed it, but a command to centre the screen on the company when on the strategic map would helpful. Sometimes I spend some time looking around the map and need to figure out where my company is, so I have to pause the game and look manually. A shortcut for that would make exploring go smoother.