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>> Why you can’t damage shield without aiming directly for it? I mean, you can hit body or head, but never shield.
If you can hit body, head and shield, why can’t you hit enemy’s weapon with yours and break his weapon, or disarm him? Perhaps, this game treats the shield like weapon, partially. So you can’t hit it with usual methods.

Also, the current game system treats armor and health in a similar way, but it treats shield’s hitpoints in an entirely different way. The prove is all weapon can deal dmg to both armor and health, but only specific weapons can deal dmg to shield.

I think the current system is quite nice(certain game balance is stunning, I can’t stop wondering how they did it), but the shield is little immortal though. Your weapon can break, your armor can be penetrated, your arrows will finish, but your shield is always reliable buddy. This might be fixed if we can increase enemy’s chance to use shield breaking skills just a little bit higher.

>> What are my chances of escaping? Who’s going to get an attack of opportunity? I often let my brother stay where they are stuck, because I don’t feel like risking disengagement is worth it.
You mean moving a brother away from an enemy standing next to him? The tile next to an enemy is known as ZoC(Zone of Control), moving away from a ZoC tile will enable enemy to attack you without using AP. Does this build fatigue for enemy? I need someone to tell me because I never pay attention to it.

Moving away from ZoC is usually bad idea. But it happens simply because your brother’s morale is too low, or it’s fatal for him to stay in current tile.

It’s nice if ZoC UI has something like this:
    chance to leave ZoC without taking a hit ==> 55%
    chance to leave ZoC by taking 1 hit ==> 24% (42~49 dmg)
    chance to leave ZoC by taking 2 hits ==> 11% (84~98 dmg)

    Do you wish to leave ZoC?
         [No I rather die as warrior]           >> [Yes I’m coward] <<

* all probability is made up because I’m too lazy