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>> Roll to determine which enemy will get an attack of opportunity (in case there are more than 1).
In our game, multiple enemies can use ZoC free attack on a same brother simultaneously. Actually I’ve been wondering if a rework should be done for this. Can you imagine 3 enemies slashing at a brother simultaneously to stop him from escaping? Unless the enemies use stabs and pierces, otherwise it has a chance for their weapons to clash or they might hit their own men. Realistically, the enemies would hesitate about the timing of attacking. In a badminton double match participated by rookies, it is incredibly hard to return the shuttlecock that falls between allies because they’re hesitating about who and when to return it, or they will clash and fail.

Professional enemies might have good teamwork, but this might not work for unexpected and sudden movement such as fleeing of target. The enemies might not even have the time to shout “I’ll do it!” the moment he sees a brother begins to turn his back.

Still, it’s quite fun to keep things the way it is.