Reply To: The Commander

Avatar photoHoly.Death

, we ourselves were a badass guy going around killing everyone, we might even have had a title along with our name, but now all we do is direct our Battle Brothers around fighting humans, greenskins and even ungodly abominations. I find it kinda weird that we ourselves are a Battle Brother but we don’t do much battling. So i thought that maybe the Player could have the option to take the field and fight

And what happens when you die? Besides, “we” are in the game – just it doesn’t say which one of the three is the player and it doesn’t even matter as all of the founding members can die and game will not end. I would rather have the player to be a figure that is not fighting directly, rather “commanding” the battle brothers themselves. Perhaps there should be a hardcore ironman mode in which you generate a badass battle brother who’s supposed to be the player and when he dies the game ends?