Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion


[Game version]

Bag and Pelts ==> DOUBLE inventory slot, NO FATIGUE COST for inventory items. If copyright is not an issue, we can actually call this perk Batman Belt.

Taunt ==> If you find this perk useful, congratulations. You’re probably the first person.

Quick Hands==> You probably can’t see the real meaning of this perk because its name is rather misleading. At first glance, it’s not easy to understand the aftermath to switch items without AP. So for the sake of convenience, let’s call this perk “It’s Super Effective!”

See an enemy with high armor?
I choose you, Warhammer!
Warhammer used CRUSH ARMOR!
It’s Super Effective!

See an enemy with high hp?
I choose you, Military Cleaver!
Military Cleaver used CLEAVE!
It’s Super Effective!

See an enemy with enough dmg to kill you?

I choose you, Heater Shield!
Heater Shield used SHIELDWALL!
It’s Super Effective!

See an enemy with distance you can’t reach?
I choose you, Billhook!
Billhook used IMPALE!
It’s Super Effective!

Not only this perk has stunning effect, it gave purposes to so many weapons. From effect to purpose, it has to be best tier one perk among all categories.

Also, you probably know you need Batman Belt to put all your pokeballs, right?

Student ==> Yeah I learn stuff 20% faster! But…… I’ll never learn that perk point which was gone. A forum member has said this before, this perk should be “Mentor” which enables other allies to gain 20% extra exp.

Shield Bash ==> Knock Back skill now also inflicts 17 dmg (10~25) and 10 fatigue to enemy. First thing, you’re not Captain America. Your attacks with shield won’t hurt enemy for good. Second thing, enemy always have at least 15 fatigue at start of his turn. Inflicting 10 fatigue to him has no significant or meaningful impact.

Pathfinder ==>
Unless you decided not to step into forest again, you must take this perk. If you have taken Perfect Focus, you MUST take this perk. Otherwise, moving to tile with height difference (3AP) will stop you from using Perfect Focus (7AP).

Brawny ==> Good but probably will never be taken by anyone. Because its tier two alternatives are far more useful than it.

Battle Flow ==> Fighting is so tiresome. You know, raise the blade, swing the blade. Kill enemy, gets tired. Kill enemy, gets energized. What the f- did I just said? That’s right. YOU MUST TAKE THIS PERK for all of your attackers. Rally the Troops can be its alternative, ONLY IF you’ve decided not to move your attackers or deploy them slowly.

Footwork ==> allows you to move ONE TILE without triggering free attacks, when you’re next to an enemy, by using 4AP and 25 FATIGUE. This perk doesn’t really give you any advantage to win a battle, it just provides you an emergency plan at relatively high cost. I don’t know if anyone considers this as a “perk”.

Captain ==> Wide radius of effect. Your brothers can get confident more easily, and harder to waver. Other brothers can use Rally the Troops with satisfying effect if your Captain has high resolve. If you have a brother with high resolve, this is good perk for him.

Weaponmaster ==> -20% fatigue cost, by this description alone you know it is useful perk. HOWEVER, you can skip this perk because we have Battle Flow and Rally the Troops.

Fearsome ==> It gives you a chance to reduce enemy morale when you hit their armor. In my experiment with limited data, it has about 20% proc rate. The success rate relies on enemy’s Resolve value, but I don’t think they vary a lot unless they have Captain perk. If you’re going for offensive style and take offense perks, you will usually kill the enemy before you waver them with Fearsome. Could be handy for defensive style.

Rally the Troops ==>
One of the only 2 tier three perks that lives up to the name of “Tier Three Perks/Ultimate Perks”. Wide radius of effect.
1) If you have two or more Rally brothers, you can have INFINITE STAMINA for your troops, at expense of reduced attackers and delayed advance/march.
2) This effect is rather deadly. If you wait turn until enemy comes rather close, you can ACT TWICE IN SUCCESSION. Wait turn for enemy to approach, attack them at end of this round, Rally, then you can attack them AGAIN at start of the next round. BECAUSE you have higher initiative as you’re fresh as new due to Rally. This gives so much advantage which is enough to turn the tide of a tough battle.

Inspiring Presence ==>
Not bad as a perk, but not worthy of the title “Tier Three Perks”. You can replicate its effect to a lesser extent with Captain perk. Even if you can’t, you will never choose this over Rally the Troops. Not to mention your brothers will get Confident status in middle of battle, so does it really matters to begin the fight with Confident status, by using tier three perk?