Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoSarissofoi

My three pennies.

##First tier(from best to most disliked):

#Pathfinding – great perk that increase mobility in hard terrain greatly, also reduce fatigue cost of moving on it
#Quick hands – another great perk, must have if you go into utility three

#Student – let character gain level faster, when have no effect of its performance and is worthless on maximum level its have some use if you want level up some characters quickly9like you lost your sergeant with rally the troops perk)

#Shield bash – worthless, bonus to small to have any use
#Taunt – is it even work? My high resolve ‘Rally the troops’ characters are armed with pikes or billhooks so its have no use for me

Personally dislike them:

#Bag end pelts – only use them on archers(for additional arrows), perk is great but feel very cheap like cheating to carry weapons for any situation, my main line soldiers only carry side arm(daggers mostly or some portable weapon no two handers or shields) so it have no use in my company

##Second tier

Great one:
#Weaponmaster – my favourite, it lower cost of using weapons and make them lose less durability(lower cost of repairs, less need to carry a spare weapon, no need to constant checking if your weapon gonna break soon), overall good perk for any soldier and it lower need for micromanaging allowing more smoothly gameplay
#Fearsome – second one, must have for my ‘keep the line’ shield bearers, it allow them to rout or soften attitude of orcs and other heavy armoured enemy(mostly orcs), it saved my brothers more than once
#Captain – good for sergeant type characters with high resolve with combination of ‘Rally the troops’

Good but not used:
#Battle flow – it is useful perk but again I don’t use it

#Brawny – its offer little compared to other perks on this tier
#Footwork – potentially great but too costly to use, I prefer rotation over it

##Third tier

#Rally the troops – great perk, must have for longer fights(I have two characters in company with it)

#Inspiring presence – another great perk, my ‘Company commander’ have it, great synergy with ‘Hold out’ perk(which most of my characters have)