Reply To: Amazing game: Some suggestions for improvement

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Have to disagree. I think the Perk system is one of the things that needs the most work. It’s got a lot of great ideas, but needs a ton more balancing (the Defense tree is nearly worthless, for example)

I did point out that certain trees are really underpowered. And though we identified different weak trees, I agree that your choice is a valid candidate for the “worst tree” title.

Questing does need some work, and I’m sure it’ll get it. But also, keep in mind that you can run from one side of the map to the other in only about 2 days. So a 200 gold quest to go from one town to the next is generally a profit. It’s how I make money early game.

It is, however, a little boring. I can basically farm as much money as I want while avoiding fights I can’t win by running from one town to the next. So, I agree this system needs work.

In addition to greater cash award, I also think you should get some marginal XP award as well. You don’t want to fight every time; besides, some really weak toons may first need some level up anyways.

A. I agree that the “vision” system is a bit skewed. It seems like the penalty to fatigue for wearing heavy helmets is enough, and the “I can’t see more than 5 feet in front of me” thing just doesn’t make sense. Maybe it should become a penalty to ranged attacks, instead of sight range? That way an archer shouldn’t be wearing a heavy helmet, but the tank up front can still see.

It’s horrifically bad, and I am even more annoyed with it than I was now I’ve played a lot more. Combined with ranged combat, it makes tactical combat downright unplayable for me. So I now avoid fighting bandits and will likely avoid Goblins in the future, too.

Huh, I’ve never seen that one. The one bug I’ve gotten is the UI disappearing on the world map, but that’s easily solved by a quick-load or mashing escape a few times.

Tactical combat also freeze/crashes at times, especially in a longer combat.