Reply To: Some suggestions for a great game

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Yeah my bad on that one lol.

1 For every big city could they have some specialty that they are known for. Like a city located next to a mine or a mountain could be known for having greater quality iron or steel and makes better quality weapons because of it.

2 If your manage to quest for a mayor or merchant of a certain place a couple of times could that develop into a partnership that perhaps lets you get a discount from the merchant or access to more difficult and rewarding quests.

3 I think a reputation system would be a great idea. The more missions that you complete builds your reputation and like wise the more you fail lowers it. And the event system could tie into this. For example if you have a really high rep mercs might come and ask to join you, or people seek you out while traveling to offer you different types of quest.

4 How bout a way to change your mercs begging class. Like to change a merc who started out as a beggar whos become very efficient with a bow to something else like for example a hunter.

5 Lastly how about a way to upgrade your battle skills like your skills with the dagger for example. I believe theres two skills thrust and stab. After your person levels up they have the option to upgrade there skill. Stab could evolve into multi stab were it does 2 hits instead of one. It uses more ap but if the first hit is successful it give a boost to hit percentage for the second hit something like that.

But hopefully this way helps and is a lot easier to read