Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

Avatar photoMashed Zombie

Why bother with hedge knights at all when swordmasters are vastly superior. I find that melee dps builds either die easy or just don’t deal that much more damage then melee tanks, making them pretty useless.

My build:

7-8 Swordmasters Of Doom
Battle Forged, Hold Out, Colossus, Nimble, Fortified Mind, Bags And Belts, Pathfinder, Quick Hands, Brawny, Weapon Master
Noble Sword, Warhammer, Military Cleaver, Kite Shield (never had to use yet), Heraldic Coat Of Plates, Full Helm
Primary Stats: stamina, melee attack, melee defence
Secondary Stats: health, range defence
(When increasing stats, don’t put more then a 100 attack or defence. You shouldn’t need it)

The only time a Swordmaster Of Doom is vulnerable is at low levels vs daggers and lost souls. So it is important to get your health up to 60. Yes I have lost Swordmasters Of Doom to them being stabbed in the head (damn marksmen). Other then that, your Swordmasters Of Doom shouldn’t be troubled by anyone.

3-4 Sellswords Of Doom
Fast Adaption, Sundering Strikes, Executioner, Bullseye, Close Combat Archer, Perfect Focus, Bags And Belts, Pathfinder, Quick Hands, Battle Flow
Hunting Bow, Noble Sword, Heater Shield, Billhook, Arrow Quiver x2, Chain Mail Shirt, Closed Mail Coif

Primary Stats: stamina, range attack, melee defence
Secondary Stats: melee attack

At the beginning of the battle these guys will wipe out all lesser enemies (thugs, most raiders, marksmen, young orcs, orc berserkers, ghouls and zombies). You should be able to get off 8+ arrows at least. I’ve never had to babysit my Sellswords Of Doom. Vampires aren’t a threat as Sellswords of doom, as they should have at least 45+ defence with their heater shields equipped.

1 Adventurous Noble Of Doom
Battle Forged, Hold Out, Colossus, Rotate, Bags And Belts, Pathfinder, Quick Hands, Brawny, Captain, Rally

Primary Stats: resolve, melee defence
Secondary Stats: stamina, melee attack, range attack

Crossbow, Mace, Heater Shield, Billhook, Bolt Quiver x2, Coat Of Scale, Kettle Helm

This build requires 65+ starting resolve. Which means you will need to find an adventurous noble with either fearless or brave. The Adventurous Noble Of Doom has only one job: keep your archers shooting. Rotate is their for emergencies.