Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

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>> I personally find myself never using tier 3 Offensive and Defensive perks. I can sacrifice any offensive perk for more survivability and fatigue (which gives your survivability) and never have problem with killing stuff.
So my regular brother has following perks:
Utility tier 1: Quick Hands, Bags and Belts, Pathfinder
Utility tier 2: Brawny, Weaponmaster
Defensive tier 1: Battle Forged, Shield Expert, Hold Out/Colossus
Defensive tier 2: Rotation
and last perk is variable.

(。ノᗨ<。)ノI laughed when I read until here. He’s basically right about everything regarding best defense. That’s why I laughed. I doubt most players can endure so much sacrifice in offense.

>> It doesn’t matter: enemies flank, orcs break your lines or vampires teleport behind – any brother can become first line fighter

It’s actually nice to win a battle by simply clicking without thinking. Some say this is boring. But there is no such thing as excitement without peril. As much as I adore offense(some of my brothers increase melee+range+fatigue stat YET they still wear woven tunic), I find it tiring to think about every steps in eliminating multiple ranged threats(my greatest weakness). Of course, in large scale battle I’m more than willing to micromanage my team because an epic battle worth all the trouble.

Most people probably know this, a pure DPS build can turn into half DPS half tank build by SIMPLY PUTTING ON ARMOR ANYTIME. However, you can’t effectively turn a tank build into DPS build by simply taking off the armor. Furthermore, our defense perks are seriously underpowered at the moment. The moment you didn’t hesitate to choose a perk, the perk tree is proven unbalanced.

The sad news is, even though I realized & tested the value of armor, I can’t mentally convince myself to put them on. The tragedy of offense junkie…… O|¯|_ Still, I always carry sets of armors in my inventory. Maybe I will put them on before fighting vampires. You know, 1 woven tunic v.s. 3 teleporting vampires, it’s not funny at all, someone might die.
>> Dialetheia’s build
This build suits my taste better than the Steel Cohort build. I personally don’t think these two builds are opposing extremes. Yes Steel Cohort is the defense extreme, but I think Dial’s build is just an offensive version of Steel Cohort. Most of my brothers wear woven tunic and none has take any perk which is not meant for offense purpose. Perks like Brawny and Rotation has never crossed my mind when I think about my build.

Also, I do not agree about breaking enemy shields. I don’t think fighting axe is a viable choice for offense build too. Not statically proven, but by looking at the values I think you can kill enemy faster if you attack them instead of their shield.

I personally think closed mail coif (90 armor) + mail shirt (120 armor) is optimal armor setup for a standard brother or aggressor. That helmet is especially handy for providing so much armor despite being very light. This setup is optimal in the sense you can dish out as much damage as possible with just enough armor to keep you alive in most situations. Yeah, I’m wearing hood and woven tunic, so what? I didn’t die.