Reply To: Amazing game: Some suggestions for improvement

Avatar photoAGiantPie

>> At night, my characters with full helms literally cannot see anything unless it’s in the square next to them.

Fact: Wearing sunglasses increases coolness but reduces your vision.

Quiz: What happens if you wear sunglasses at night?
A) bsolutely increase your coolness further
B) est fashion of the year
C) ooler than you can ever imagine
D) evil may cry

It doesn’t make sense if penalty of darkness and full helm can’t stack together. But I wonder if full helm greatly reduce vision in reality. At medieval times, how does a templar chase an underwear thief at night? He can’t be sniffing all the way to justice, right?

The vision penalty from helmets is presumably because it obscures your vision. When it’s dark it’s harder to see further – why would those two penalties stack together?