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Colossus: Nice simple skill. It stacks with backgrounds. For 2h users with farmer or similar it is a very nice saving skill. Having 100hp guys is not a dream anymore. Very very nice in early game, and remains till the very end. Good as is.

Why in the world would you want your 2H damage dealers taking something from the defense tree? You simply don’t have the Perk room, if you want your 2H guy actually dealing damage.

Shield Expert: If your sellsword has a shield he desires this skill. Boosts the defense nicely, very useful thru whole game. Maybe a little too useful. Should be tier 2.

Absolutely not. It’s a standard skill in the right place. You are likely overestimating this skill because the rest of the tier is so bad.

Battle Forged: Well… Absolutely OP. From start to finish. You know what I mean when you can barely see the damage done to your armor. Archers? Forget about them, just ignore and go on. Probably should be nerfed or at least put into tier 2.

Same comment as above.

Dodge: A nice balanced skill. The balance comes from the initiative, the heavier the armor the less initiative. Has its use, can even help create a light fast unit even mid / late game. Balanced.

Disagree. Apparently, it’s counterproductive to go over 90 or so in Melee Defense. Nimble characters can get there easily; so this is worthless for them. In fact, even your conventional shield tank should go over 80 with Inspiring Presence and Shield Wall.
So this Perk doesn’t really help anyone much, except for a purely offensive character perhaps.

Hold Out: Useless.

Absolutely disagree.

Fortified Mind: Never met anything that had any of the effects this skill supposed to give immunity for.

Lost Souls?

Nine Lives: Rarely useful and never triggered it. If when activated you automatically move back, out of zone of control from enemy unit all is good. If you do not disengage, then absolutely useless and needs to have disengaging effect.

A character that rarely gets hit (e.g. Nimble characters or Shieldwallers with Inspiring Presence) might find some use since you might not get hit again for several battles.

Nimble: A very specific skill. Combined with skill dodge, your light assault brigand is happy and safe. Unfortunately my light assault did not make it. Maybe I did something wrong. Probably was too cocky with the illusion of his invincibility. Good skill for specific scenario, would be more useful in tier 1 making it a valid choise.

My Nimble characters (I have 4 on my team) has never been hit more than once by melee in a battle. And there are so few ranged units that they are easily manageable. (And failing that, you can pick Anticipation and level up Ranged Defense, since you will overincrease Melee Defense at level up anyways). So yes, you are doing something wrong.
And it would be ridiculous to have this on tier 1, as everyone and their mistresses would get it.

Anticipation: An other early game skill in the second tier. Yes the bonus is very nice but with decent armor is simply not needed. If my light assault had this skill he wouldn’t have died from an arrow one shot in between his eyes. Should be in tier 1 to be a valid choise.

Perhaps the first time I will strongly agree with you on this thread.

Steel Brow: First choice at mid/late game. No more fluke shots from enemy archers, no more lucky hits from their melee. Immunity to crits is superb. Perhaps should be a tier 3.

LOL, no. It’s better to not get hit than get hit but avoid getting critted. And if this is a tier 3 skill, then maybe I should be the Queen of England.

Please do write your thoughts, suggestions, comments, perhaps skill ideas. Together we are strong, together we are the battle brothers. Hehe.

I did, perhaps too honestly; and I doubt you will consider me a “brother” now! ;)