Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

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>> That’s just too little. Can’t the nastiest enemies hit for over 200 per hit? Assuming you have fifty or so HPs, I’d imagine you want an armor piece that gives you around 200 or more to avoid getting at least one shotted.
If you’re talking about orc leader, he doesn’t have chance to attack you because you would keep a cunning distance with him. When he approaches, you will probably slay him with 1 or 1.5 melee brothers. Not sure, I didn’t pay much attention to him. But it definitely won’t take more than 2 melee brothers to kill him in single round.

The 90+120 armor only meant to tank projectile and 1h attack several times, especially when you don’t want to waste time waiting for safe opportunity to attack. You can avoid all melee attack if you’re patient/defensive (by keeping distance). But I never go for defensive if I fight on plains, or after I’ve made sure there are no hidden enemies.

↓ The following opinion might be biased because playing with woven tunic melee is a little uncommon, judging by other’s opinions. So it might only fits similar team setup and play style. ↓
You rarely take melee hit even if you’re offensive, because your melee brothers can be anti-melee specialist. [Perfect Focus + Battle Flow + Berserk + high max fatigue + 2h weapon] is sooo deadly. It makes me happy when I see a lot of melee enemies, it makes me frown when I see a lot of ranged enemies. Basically my tactic is to kill all ranged enemies as soon as possible, without getting hit/killed by them.

>> My two captains have 95 and 89 Resolve, respectively. Is that enough? If I started at 65, I may still not have reached 95 for instance, though I likely would’ve reached 89.
>>So once again: What FINAL number am I aiming for?

I should have answered your question just now. But for clarification purpose, why not answer once more? You can get 85~105 final resolve if you have 65 initial resolve. The final number you’re aiming for, depends how greedy you are. Weird answer. Now I’m not sure if I’m answering/understanding the question correctly.

>> And my DPS guys simply had an absurd luck with hits and high damage hits. In fact, even my “tarpit” Riposte bot did a lot of damage.
If it’s 1000 damage it still can be luck. 4000 damage dealt by a single brother in 6 rounds requires a lot of hits. It is high damage with high precision.

>> You hit the five percent minimum hit chance v. Orc younglings at Melee Defense 92, but we don’t know what kind of Melee Skill the more skilled AI units possess to make an ironclad conclusion about what Melee Defense we need in general?
Also, you forget to mention I hit the six percent minimum hit chance v. Orc younglings at Melee Defense 80. Would you spend 12 melee def stats for just 1% extra dodge chance? Yes I don’t know optimal melee def against all enemies, with the suspicion of different enemies have different accuracy.

Maybe it is not fair for an offense junkie say this, but I optimistically guess it is very hard for most enemies to kill a brother with 80 melee def, especially if he wear some decent armor.