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>> Hmmm, you sure only Orc leaders can hit that hard? I thought any generic orc with 2 handers can nail you for 200 or more.
I searched my database and I’ve record almost nothing about orc weapons’ damage. These are the only ones.

==> enemy’s head chopper can do 60 dmg to your head armor, or 88 dmg to your body armor

==> Orc warrior’s head splitter can hit your armor for 90, 92 dmg

>> Perhaps I should watch their damage more, but I rarely get the occasion to do so, because 1) I eliminate 2 handers fast; and 2) I rarely get hit by melees in general.

Same situation. But recently I have not paid any attention to 2 handers, I treat all melee enemy the same (simply get in position to kill, and make sure someone can clean up the mess if my current attacker runs out of stamina due to poor luck or tough target), except special ones like Living Souls.

>> You say? If you had Battle Sisters (which apparently are implemented soon), I bet you’d trot them out in lingerie!

[battle log]
0042 Battle Sisters has stripped!
0042 Battle brothers are not looking at their enemies!
0042 Accuracy of battle brothers has reduced by 50%.
0042 Dodge chance of battle brothers has reduced by 70%.
0042 Battle brothers become excited for unknown reasons!
0042 Morale of battle brothers becomes Unbreakable.
0042 Fatigue of battle brothers has reduced to 0.

>> In all seriousness, I never feel safe without at least Lamellar Harness at minimum. And I think that’s light enough for your damage guys to do their thang without sacrificing much damage.

I think now is a good time to discuss about certain thing. I think there is an optimal figure/number for Damage Per Round. I don’t know how to call this so I’ll call it “Max Efficient Damage” for the moment.

For example, let’s say this figure is 2500. Even if you can reach this figure with just 5 melee brothers, you can’t exceed it significantly by having more melee brothers. Probably due to the following reasons:

1) limitation of attack range
2) occupation of tiles(spaces), since different characters can’t stand on same spot
3) initial formation and initial distance with enemy

Factor 1, 2 & 3 force your troops at rear or side to detour or wait. In the end, ONLY some of the line fighters are really doing all the work while the others are more or less idling, or fail to reach enemy timely.

I’ve noticed this several times when I look at the battle results at the end. 3 out of 5 brothers dealt noticeable damage while other 2 dealt pity damage, DESPITE all five brothers have same spec, and advancing like suicide squad.

This is something I want point out against pure DPS build(though my team is quite pure DPS). Not all risk are converted into firepower, some risk are taken for no purpose.

>> Ok, a better question: Do you know what EXACTLY your captain’s Resolve modifies? In addition to what is written on the captain Perk screen? Someone said your Fatigue recovery; it also seems to modify how much bonus you obtain at Confident status. What else? And what is the precise formula?

Nobody can be sure unless they are devs or they check the game code. In addition to what is written on the captain Perk screen, resolve is also a modifier stat to perk Captain and Rally the Troops. The latter perk can restore your stamina. It shouldn’t affect the amount of bonus gained with Confident status, but the CHANCE to obtain confident status. The description of Resolve has covered quite a lot of stuff. I don’t know the formula. But if I guessing your purpose correctly, you’re thinking whether Resolve is worth investing. I have a brother with Captain perk with about 100 Resolve, other brothers under his influence get Confident status when one or two nearby enemies are slain.

After answering your questions, I want to ask someone else a question too. What else did I miss?

>> What about Melee Skill? My Swordmasters have over 100; and some of my Hedge Knights approach 100 as well. Should I dump stats elsewhere once I hit those type of numbers?

Hohoho~~~~ if you’re asking an offense junkie about optimal melee skill, you must be expecting to hear things like…

“Put all your soul into melee skill.”

So I have never tried to gauge or measure the optimal melee skill. If you don’t mind, here is an opinion based on human’s super reliably vague & biased memory, I think 95~100 melee skill hit most enemies in most situation.

>> Update on Adventurous Nobles with 65+ starting starting Resolve:
It’s like drawing lottery to get Adventurous Nobles with Fearless trait. Since we have to wait for update, you can try recruiting them once everyday. To be more serious, if you insist to get it within hours, you can keep reloading the game.

>> By the way, there is way too much starting stat variation/gyration. I’ve seen Hedge Knights with high 60s start Melee Skill; I’ve seen others close to 50. A bit too much, you think?
I think there is balance/tradeoff between initial stats. But I’m not sure if it’s fair. Still, it doesn’t matter as long as my preferred stats are high.