Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

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Ahh… I wasn’t answering your question just now. For mathematic and realism purpose, it is not much (60/50 = 1.2). It’s not strange if people around you have 20% difference in ability, right? But for myself, I won’t tolerate if my preferred stat (mostly melee skill) is 3 points below the best (e.g. if 60 initial melee skill is highest, I won’t accept recruit with 57 initial melee skill)
==> Recruits at lv1, effects of traits and equipment are removed
best max fatigue 106
best max resolve 45
Best melee 54(55 only seen once)
Best ranged 40
best melee def 5
best ranged def 5
I forgot to mention the statistic is very old and doesn’t involve a lot of data. It just serves as reference.

Also, I assume these stats are prior to Background & Trait boni? For instance, I just got a Hedge Knight with 115 Fatigue, and every other stat exceeding what you quoted other than Range Skill & Defense.