Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

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>> Of course, all your troops are wearing lingerie and brandishing huge sticks that require two hands to move, so I see how you feel this Perk is not worth a second look.
You surprised me with your circumspective observation.

>> Strongly disagree. Is likely a better option than the other Fatigue countering Perks if you are a heavy armor tank (they won’t do well with Battle Flow since they won’t kill often enough, and Weapon Master doesn’t give them extra hits without Perfect Focus).

Here is the situation of my brother.

Closed mail coif + heraldic mail + greatsword = remaining max fatigue 103

103 – 42 (focus cost 40 + take one step forward 2) = 61 = 2h hits x4

Benefit of Battle Flow (assume we can kill an enemy on 4th hit) = 60×0.33 = -20 current fatigue

Benefit of Brawny = [closed mail coif -2 max fatigue penalty] + [heraldic mail -21 max fatigue penalty] = -23 max fatigue penalty

You can kill orc young in merely 2 hits, making Battle Flow provide higher benefit than the previous calculation. Also, the calculation doesn’t include the 5th hit enabled by Battle Flow at all.

If you use Full Force + Heraldic mail, you can kill orc young in only 1 hit, making Battle Flow provide even higher benefit than Brawny.