Reply To: Defense Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoHoly.Death

Why in the world would you want your 2H damage dealers taking something from the defense tree? You simply don’t have the Perk room, if you want your 2H guy actually dealing damage.

Both Battle Forged and Collossus give you more survivability. Since two-handers can’t really effectively dodge it’s wise to have as much armor and life as possible to see them live through combat. Unless your concept is “offense is best defense”. Besides, both perks are at tier 1, so they aren’t very cost-intense. If anything I find Utility tree at tier 1 to be more a waste of skills for two-handers, but they need to spend at least 3 points to unlock Brawny, Weapon Master and Battle Flow. I think the whole concept of a skill tree should be reworked. Make it an actual tree (or trees).

Lost Souls?

Fortified Mind doesn’t protect user against morale checks when allies who don’t have this skill start running. Just saying.