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Me: m(_ _)m Sorry, I made a mistake here. Swordmaster has 15 more melee def than Hedge Knight, not 10 more.
Invictus: (By the way, Swordmaster has fifteen Melee Defense on Hedge Knight, not ten.)

Can’t tell if you acute or neglectful (* ˚᷄ 艸 ˚᷅ *)

I had hitherto used Hedge Knights, but wouldn’t extra fifteen Melee Defense on Swordmaster be determinative for a Shieldwall guy?

It’s absolutely determinative for a pure shieldwall guy. But I believe that’s not what you wanted. You have a specific preferred offense/defense ratio for the new guy, right?

>> In fact, I might deploy 2 Hedge Knight tanks and 2 Swordmaster tanks and just compare?

Nothing is better than comparing 2 things in real situation, if it’s possible (sometimes it’s not possible to try something without deleting/replacing half of your crew ).