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>> well, perhaps not this any longer, as I’ve matured!
_φ(□□ヘ) Someone says a humble person will never tell you he is humble. Same goes for mature person.
_φ(□□ヘ) But this a friggin lie because today I saw a matured person said he was matured.

>> It’s a small sample, but greataxe seems more effective against really heavily armored foes?
I’ve been wondering about that too. All I know is greataxe can kill a single orc warrior faster than greatsword. For Perfect Flow brothers, I think it is more stamina-efficient to take out orc warrior one by one with greataxe, rather than using greatsword area attack on multiple orc warriors.
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There is something that hinders me from comparing greatsword and greataxe in full extent, without collecting a lot of data. Let’s take a look at the following.

– Greatsword against Orc Warrior with helmet & armor, skill used: Overhead Strike, skill description 105~133 dmg, 152~192 armor dmg
  First hit:
     181, 178, 172, 181, 171, 192 armor dmg

  Second hit:
     99 armor dmg, 14 body dmg
     102 armor dmg 22 body dmg
     108 armor dmg, 3 body dmg
     88 armor dmg, 22 body dmg

✭ when it hits for head(helmet) ==> it only dealt 120 helmet dmg, destroyed the helmet then no other extra dmg is dealt to head

Greatsword can deal at least 170 armor dmg in first hit ==> 170-120 = 50 helmet dmg (remaining force/impact after breaking the helmet)

[body dmg/armor dmg] ratio for Overhead Strike = [(105+133)/2] / [(152+192)/2] = 119 / 172 = 70%

Let’s convert the remaining force (50 helmet dmg) into head damage = 50 x 0.7 = 35 head dmg (but in reality zero head dmg was dealt)

The penetrated force reduces drastically (far more than simple calculation), you can also see this from damage shown for second hit. This applies the same way for Greataxe. (probably the same for all weapons)

Greataxe’s Split Man hits both head and body, so it can break both helmet and armor. Making it hard to compare Greatsword and Greataxe extensively without collecting a lot of data.