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I assume “march block” means march & block, occupy specific tiles ahead of your opponent. Let me guess your purpose.
1) well positioned tanks gives better crowd control with their ZoC (Zone of Control)
2) acting ahead of enemy in first round enable your formation to advance in a tidy fashion

Yup; as I’ve said, you should be my spokesman. You articular my own thoughts better than I ever could!

Too bad we still have no control in initial positioning of our units yet, or we can have some really tactical team setup.

I would like pre battle placement indeed. But if you have a sufficient number of tanks, controlling the tactical map is still possible.

Not sure if I understand you right. You mean your berserkers won’t get stunned?

Yes, I want tanks to get stunned, not my DPS.

Not you sure if you talking about Flat Top with closed Mail(265 durability), or Closed Flat Top with Mail(280 durability). Either way, shouldn’t you wear helmet with equal or lower durability compared to armor (Lamellar Harness, 210 durability) because enemy has higher chance to hit body than head? Helmet with higher durability than armor won’t help you to withstand enemy 2h axe’s Split Man, right?

Agreed; thanks for pointing this out. I will change.

Why do they need Nimble(melee defense) when they generally stay furthest from action(melee threat)?

Nimble helps in two ways, even if my captains generally stay away from melee fights. First, things never go as planned, and scary melees can close in on you. Second, Nimble allows me to dispense with shields and heavier armor, so I can have higher Initiative and Fatigue, without sacrificing survivability (except to ranged attacks, which is not an issue at the moment).

Your build has solid line fighters and varied roles. It looks reliable, easy to use, and easy to modify. It’s probably an amateur-friendly build. New players might pick up a lot of stuff from this build, as they can survive most situations and has various options for solving problems.

I think it works for both amateur and advanced players. Certainly, I don’t see anyone achieving the melee DPS I achieve from what I’ve seen. (In this respect, ironically, I think I am aided by having dedicated tanks, as well as the fact that my melee DPS wear reasonably heavy armor. The rationale is that having such safeguards in fact allows my melee DPS to take risks and go all out “beast mode,” whereas having all melee DPS wearing lingerie might make me more tentative.)

@ Gaiz

I’ve been meaning to broach this topic for some time, but I did not know how to do it delicately. A disclaimer: I am neither homosexual nor excessively “politically correct” (an American parlance, not sure if you know this term, as I don’t know where you are from). Nonetheless, it mildly bothers me when you refer to everyone, however innocently or even affectionally, in terms reserved for homosexuals. Not sure if this term is normal where you come from, but calling people “gay” is not polite in my circles. It seems like you are a nice, pleasant person, so I am really perplexed by this address. It’s not a huge deal, and I know it’s online, but being incessantly called “gay” is a bit annoying. Kinda like how I object to seeing people using the “f” word needlessly online. I don’t know. Maybe I am old fashioned or prude or what not. At any rate, I am not requesting you to stop calling people gay or the like; I am just curious as to whether there is a background story or context to your decidedly odd form of addressing people.

*back to regular programming*

I’m using my rally brothers fine but I have no idea how to allocate some remaining stats and perks.

[Stats growth]
Resolve – a must
Max fatigue – very useful but not necessary if you have two or more rally brothers that rarely move far away, because you will have infinite stamina when a rally brother rallies another rally brother.
????? – what else should they choose? They don’t need defense stats because they always stay furthest from action. They don’t need offense stats too because they’re too busying with rally.

After choosing the Rally the Troops, I still have 4 perk points. How should I spent them? Similar issue, they have no time to attack and rarely get attacked.

Stats wise, I’d go Melee Defense. Survival is too important for me, and you can’t always guarantee you won’t get gangbanged by melees.

Perkwise, I go Nimble, Battle Forged, Colossus, and Hold Out. Once again, this is survival oriented, and Nimble lets me wear lighter armor and go without shields, giving me more Fatigue and more Initiative.