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It depends on one’s playstyle I suppose, but then again I am not a powergamer, so I might be self-impairing myself here.

If you psychologically prefer higher HPs over Melee Defense, Nimble, or other stuff as a survival tool, that’s fine. Just pointing out things from my perspective and trying to see if you have a more solid gameplay basis for your choices. After all, I could be wrong, as I am a newb.

Maybe not, but I’ve found that’s what my brothers need as they depend on health and armor when enemies hit them.

A counerpoint from my experience: I’ve never had my heavy armor guys die or even remotely come close to dying since day 1 without using Colossus; in fact, no one’s come close to dying except ranged DPS who got gangbanged or raw recruits who had no base stats or Perks. But I think this has to do with my overall team set up and tactics and not just what my heavy tanks wear or select in terms of Perks.


Quick Hands
Bags and Belts


Battle Forged

Sundering Strikes

Seems like a rare mix of Offense/Defense tree build that most people stay away from. From a pure efficiency point, I see this build neither doing all that well in terms of tanking or doing damage, but the game is currently easy enough to go through in virtually any configuration. But I may try this on one toon before I knock it! ;)