Reply To: Some Ideas

Avatar photo70HP

1. Love this idea and would love to see this in the game at some point.

2. Same thing, amazing idea. However allying with monsters I don’t see as good an idea. Werewolves or vampires aren’t very agreeable.

3. Werewolves definitely. Maybe even give them a certain perk/buff when fighting in the night, if they don’t already of course.

4. Like it a lot too. Getting the people of the castle, town, etc. could be really useful. And about the planning phase, it should go both ways. You and the A.I both get to set up without knowing each others plans. And barricades and stakes should be an inventory thing and if they get damaged or destroyed you cant use them again or they are less effective.

5. Also something I would really want. Also maybe certain tiers of mercenaries. Perhaps some mercenary groups aren’t as well equipped as you making them easier to fight, or vice versa.

All in all, really great ideas.