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Hi guys,
Thanks for making this game, really, been following this project since steam greenlight.
The only reason I’m not playing it 24/7 is I reach a point, usually with two good billhook troops, a couple well armored 2 handed guys, and a mob of sword and shield wielders (archer’s optional) where it’s pretty hard to screw things up unless you’re dumb about terrain and being flanked. Even getting better armor isn’t THAT useful, because it slows my guys down too much.

It would be awesome if there was a camp you could build at a certain distance from existing settlements where you could store excess inventory, store excess characters (and maybe they could train there with a sword-master while you’re roaming the countryside), and then have upgrades: pay to have fields developed to grow food, pay a blacksmith to make tools and repair gear while you’re away, eventually start spawning trade caravans that you would get income from IF they reach their destination. Just looking for the next step, and by all means make it a horrible money pit at first so I have a reason to save up every penny and take the really hard missions.

Then, if I get wiped out (all but 1 character), I could go back to the place where my men and gear were and the show would go on. (there might even be a cemetery there, just spitballing). And maybe the local lord get’s irritated and sends one of those patrols to raze the place, so I have to spend money on even more horribly expensive fortifications which give you a terrain or position or number of troops advantage.

Looking forward to the world interaction that’s on the dev list; in the end, it’s all about making the player feel relevant to the game world :)

Thanks again