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Just a Few quick suggestions:
Could there be some way to organize our troops in a formation? As right now troops are just put in the order they were hired, with the exception of archers and long range weaponry being at the back. However I personally would like to organize my starting formation. For example I might want my light armored swordsmen to edges of the formation so they can flank the enemy.
It would be cool to be able to put some sort of garment over your armor display your sigil or something. It could even give a slight buff to moral if everyone’s wearing the groups colors. This could be done by like a short of cloth overall that go’s on the armors or maybe a cloak.
Hero Characters
There could be very rare mercenary that have rare abilities perhaps even more base AP points or have a few unobtainable skills. They would obviously be very difficult to get and maybe only available though difficult quests and would also have high upkeep costs.
Ending comments: Idea’s aside I think you guys are making a great game and i’m really happy with the direction you’re taking with it. Be proud.