Reply To: Events

Avatar photoKalanar

I haven’t gotten my hands too dirty with the event system yet, but I do have beef pretty early on for two reasons…
I got an event that made a party member fat. No choices or options. The story goes he was eating too much or something but it just as well could have been “The Fat God has made you fat – end of transmission.”
Beef the First: I know realism isn’t typically a good basis for a criticism for a fantasy game, but in the context of my immersion into the world, it seemed strange. My party was about 3/4 way through a grueling march from one extreme corner of the map to another. We had barely stopped in all that time and we were presumably on foot. That’s a lot of exercise. But really the bigger issue is…

Beef the Second: I didn’t have any option in mitigating this problem. I would suggesting adding a few choices such as limiting his rations to avoid the trait at the expense of his mood. I’m sure you could think of a few good ones too. Events are great for flavor, except when they come off as unavoidable penalties.

To put it another way: I would suggest avoiding events that don’t give the player a choice. Even if both choices are bad, at least the player is effecting the outcome, further drawing them into the story.