Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

Avatar photoHoly.Death

I just fail to see how getting a man less ideal than expected is a deal breaker.

You have to make decisions before and after you hire them. A dastard archer can still be useful. A blind wildman can still tank, thanks to his heavy armor and a shield (because he has bonus to stamina). A fat swordmaster will still hit – because he’s very accurate – if you handle him a billhook. A man who will never be confident (or starts with wavering morale right away) can benefit from Hold Out, etc. On top of that you can always level up the stats you think need an increase. Will this mean your men will be less potent? Yes. Will they be useless? No.

Aren’t these smart decisions based on situation?

I like the random nature of the game, because it prevents staling: everything can happen and you have to deal with it, rather than keeping the dices rolling until you’ll get the outcome you want (me and my friends did this while playing a board game, wasn’t thrilling, even though we “won”). You are free to save and load at any point you find suitable men/loot/whatever, but asking the developers to change the core of the game because your recruits have some undesired traits…?