Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

Avatar photoDenjanjeau

To iterate a clarification again. My objections to the current implementation seem NOT to go against the stated desire to encourage users to recruit different type of mercenaries with both advantages and disadvantages. Quite the contrary. It’s the current implementation that will lead to user having no or very few bad traits of their mercenaries as they will save/reload to avoid them.

This statement of mine should be very clear. It doesn’t seem to go against the philosophy stated or derived. If it does, explain how (don’t repeat that you like the implementation as is when it doesn’t give the effect you claim you want it to). My claim that a majority of users will save/reload to avoid bad recruits if the implementation stands like this (and thus ruin the stated and derived goal entirely) can easily be falsified in case I am wrong.

So falsify my statements, respond to them. Don’t throw a wet towel on good arguments and repeat mantras as “thing are like they are and cannot be changed regardless whether it works well or not”. Such attitude makes any discussion about the game utterly pointless. If this is the attitude that is encouraged by the devs and moderators of the forum, then I will of course back off and not provide my insights as it would be a total waste of time :)