Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

Avatar photoDenjanjeau

It is in fact not clear in the quotes (at least not the ones I read) that devs do understand the consequences here. If they come here and say they do understand that their desire for users to have bad traits of their mercenaries will be void with the current implementation and that they don’t care about it, then I stand corrected.

If you want to ignore what developers said and want them to answer you directly, then you’re free to wait. Good luck.

Nah. I don’t ignore what you said. I ignored what Evans EU said :) I kept wasting my time. I have this flaw you see. I have this idea that if I explain things to people well enough, or from different angles, they will understand in the end. I DO know that this isn’t how things work.

The facts here are that you say that you and the devs want to achieve “4”, but the current implementation gives “5”. You choose to think this is okay, and argue that the devs do too regardless of argument. The latter may be true, but assuming that people cannot change their mind when faced with arguments is a depressing thought.

Thanks for providing links and information that I wasn’t aware of! Much appreciated :)