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Will there be something like a “kill-sheet”? Perhaps even an event-log (Brother Bernhard, killed 3 goblins on date X, killed 4 zombies on date y, …)?

Definately. We keep statistics for every Battle Brother, including a kill count, and noteworthy feats like slaying an especially powerful enemy or being the sole survivor of a battle gone wrong. They can be browsed in the history tab that can be seen briefly in the recent video on the inventory screen (but they aren’t implemented yet and won’t be featured in the combat demo).

Are all Battle Brothers “normal” men? Or are there nobles (meaning, people with titles and properties) as well? Can we give battle brothers a title? Perhaps one can recruit an experienced and well-equipped character called Herr Friedrich von Hohenstaufen? :)

All Battle Brothers can not only earn titles but potentially also character traits (i.e. actual gameplay effects) for achievements, both good and bad. A character having slain dozens of undead, for example, might earn a title (“the Undead Slayer”) and a character trait that makes him less prone to morale failure when fighting undead again. Titles will probably be freely editable by the player, though, and are considered to be more like suggestions based on what the character experienced (and his peers know him for).

Since we’ll probably also allow for hiring a few more experienced men to join the player’s ranks (for a higher fee), I think it’d be a cool idea to have some of them come from noble backgrounds, already have titles like you suggested, and perhaps come with some non-crappy equipment. However, noble men would, at least for as long as they’re part of the Battle Brothers, relinquish their noble privileges, and the gameplay effects of their noble birth would be limited to some character traits that are mostly for flavor.

Will we be able to have a “hall of legends” or a “memorial wall”? Just a list that shows all your battlebrothers that died and where you can view their stats and background (and “killsheet”)?

It isn’t high on our priority list but I agree with you that it would be a cool feature down the road.

But will there be some allowance for intra-group relations? The title refers to battle brothers, a band of soldiers/militiamen who fight alongside one another and forge a special bond because of it. This could translate to increased morale bonuses when two “veterans” fight close to eachtoher, a strong decrease in morale when one of the old soldiers dies, … Perhaps there can even be a trait-influence of some kind (a good “friend” dies due to a zombie, his surviving buddy becomes a “zombie-slayer”)? Or isn’t this something that is planned for BB?

Simulating character relations for individual characters within the group isn’t within the scope of Battle Brothers; we just assume that all members are more or less equally close. That said, we do scale morale loss depending on who it is that falls in battle (recruit or veteran), and we have passive skills in our leadership skilltree for veterans that give a morale bonus when fighting near them. Like I mentioned above, we also intend to hand out character traits on special occasions, like seeing countless brothers die. It’s just that these traits don’t depend on the relationships of individual characters to each other.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your interest in our game and welcome to the forums! (:

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