Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


Goblins definitely need a balance pass, giving the bulk of the skirmishers those spiked bolas is a major issue, it means the AI tends to hang back and bait you into moving up, the problem is in doing so you give them the first attack, they then focus down two or three of your brothers with the bolas and before you know it the field looks very unpleasant. Can be hard countered by spamming mass archers but that setup is not viable for any other opposing force.

Most other fights are winnable, even if tough, but goblins are way, way out there. Seriously wacky balance issues indeed, once you do get into fight range, they’re not quite so bad, but the problem is they’ve usually halved your force by then with thrown weapons and the like. Not really a good option. Suggest limiting goblins with bolas to no more than 1/5-1/4 of their army makeup. It’s unlikely the player would have that many throwers, so the AI shouldn’t be stacking that many either.

The new art does look fantastic, so that’s a major plus.