Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

Avatar photothenewromance

Have the spawning rules for enemy groups been changed? I was obliterated within the second day. First encounter: the tutorial one, no problems. Second encounter: “challenging” or “deadly” (don’t remember exactly) bandits. Fled towards the help of Landsknechts. Third encounter: “deadly” goblins. Fled towards the help of “deadly” Landsknechts, who in turn turned and ran from the goblins. Fortunately, “impossible” Landsknechts arrived. The two Landsknecht squads and my brothers combined were able to defeat 5 goblins and make one rout, at the cost of 2 Landsknechts and several wounded. It was 24 against 6. Goes to show how hard goblins are… even comparably strong Landsknechts run. Now, fourth encounter: “challenging” bandits away from any help. Game over.

That didn’t happen to me in earlier builds. There was the odd unmanageable werewolf attack, but apart from that the difficulty ramped up nicer. I really believe there shouldn’t be “deadly” goblins beside the main route and castle on day one or two. Neither should overwhelmingly powerful bandits be besetting you within minutes of starting the game.