Reply To: Message for the developers

Avatar photoEVANS UA

I give up.
-Overseer can one-shot ANY brother at ANY moment.Armor is useless,even the prayers wont help.
-Goblins initiative is great
-Shaman’s vines dont give you a chance to build up any tactics or formation
-enemy archers can weak up your brothers greatly,can kill some brothers,their accuracy is flawless,their poison is fearsome
-Enemy troops can throw a stuff at you,can throw a net at you and then vvvery easily kick your ass,even in armor
-Thats the battle without a wolfriders…But if there would be such a battles…There would be not any chance
-Chances to break up from a net or vine is small a bit.You can die in there…
-The battle without lost units is 99.9999999% percents irreal at any battle.That makes Battle brothers a roguelike game.Great.

Oh,now im nagging,such an irony.