Reply To: Job/Class Spreadsheet

Avatar photoAgravaine

On top of that we changed the mechanic how these boni work. So instead of an added bonus to a stat, each background has its own min and max values for each stat.
You cant really display this in a tooltip at all (except for displaying the whole stat range for each stat, which would be pretty ridiculous). So theres no way we could show the info anymore, even if we wanted to.

While I definitely like that change, I don’t like the fixed number on level up. Besides the stat difference from hiring, everything advances at an equal pace now. Perhaps make it random again, but make the chance on getting a better number for a certain class on lvl up? It wouldn’t be a strange thing for a hunter to become a better archer faster then a brawler, so that the hunter has a higher chance of rolling a better stat for ranged attack then other classes? Maybe go towards something like that?