Reply To: Morality,Raiding, Factions, and War

Sir Duckpunch

Yes, imagine the possibilities :b

Also, you don’t have to be the “Good” guy, because the way the game is right now you are slaying zombies, bandits, werewolves, goblins, orcs. All of which are “evil”.

It would be cool to align yourself with a faction that was totalitarian,firm lawful and unforgiving(Empire). Or a faction that was religious and believed in cleansing the land of scourge at any cost(Holy Order), or a faction made by the people, and for the people (wild west) with little law, but strong morale values, or code of honor.

Depending on which faction the player decides to align with, different events could come to pass. Or join no faction, and see how things play out.

Just ideas, but adding politics to a game always makes it more interesting and strategic.