Reply To: Suggestions Forum


Loving this game! Devs have done a great job so far! After several hours of play, I think I have a good grasp of the game and I do have some suggestions. If someone mentioned these already, consider me seconding the suggestion. I realize it’s early access, but here are my thoughts.

1. Make bag slots appear as skill icons on the tactical screen.
I like to put secondary weapons or javelins into my bags, and changing weapons requires me to open inventory and do a swap. Would be easier to just have a button on the tactical view to click on.

2. Add bandages, potions, or food. Just something that can heal a character a modest flat or percentage amount. Non-stackable. Cost a lot of AP. Up to devs to decide on balancing, but sometimes my guys get hurt bad and I’m forced to retreat or lose that guy. A field heal with give the guy a small second wind during battle.

3. More tactical consumables. Molotov cocktail? Caltrops? Bear traps? Poison darts? Just looking for more variety.

4. Changes to ranged combat between units on different elevation; if my archer is way up on a hill shooting at lower targets, he should be able to attack any target within range without the ‘blocked’ penalty. Just physics I guess.

5. I rarely use shield wall and riposte against the enemy types that avoid them, because they almost always avoid them. Should change this to a % chance of avoidance, perhaps determined by level and combat skill, just not 100% avoidance.

6. I hate when the enemy runs away during combat as well as on the world map. On the world map it becomes a click fest. On the tactical I just keep end turning until the enemy retreats because it hard to catch them and not really fun to chase after them.

7. Add randomization to weapon damage and durability, as well as to armor durabilities within some set range. This way we’ll always be on the lookout for slightly better gear.

8. Have named mobs drop an item with some additional stat or skill.
Like more chance to hit, poison, less AP required, more range?

9. The games seems to lack a story right right now, but I assume devs are working on it. Constantly escorting caravans and finding areas gets dull after a while.

10. Deeper character progression. On level up, let character gain a bonus to melee and range skills, hit points, maybe even Max fatique and action points?

11. Spiked shields. ?

12. Torches for night time combat. At the expense of one battle brother’s shield hand, you could illuminate the area for an x tile radius to increase chance to hit for friend and foe. Will not work during rainy nights.

13. Fog of war on the world map. Two types. Pitch black for areas you’ve never visited and grayed out for areas out of your party’s sight. Right now, I can’t keep track of where I have and haven’t been. I’ve probably covered the same ground multiple times. Basically asking for the same fog of war on the world map as we have on the tactical map.

Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to the next update.