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So I’ve played for 94 hours, and I really enjoy the replay ability of the game. One thing I’ve thought of, just to consider, is as it stands there are sort of tiers for weapons. What if, within those tiers there was some randomness to the stats of the individual weapons,so that every weapon is unique from each other. So not one axe is identical exactly but similar. This could also lead to the ability to rename armor and weapons, or that weapons and armor earn titles after achieving certain feats. We all know a battle brother or 5 might die, but their historic weapon could live on with its earned titles.

This also could promote finding out if certain cities produce higher quality weapons within the already established tiers.

I know that legendary weapons are planned, but I thought this might be another more well rounded way to have a special piece of equipment at every point of the game (early,mid, and late).