Reply To: A Question For Current Players

Avatar photoZinistar

Saris I think you completely missed the question all together. I did not pose the question so you cold re-post an could suggestion. AS far as having 2 guys dead and 4.5k gold. Im not sure how this relates to a the question at all. I did not ask what do I do to said losses and I certainly did not ask for a BOOK on game-play.
I appreciate those who did come close to the topic.
MY QUESTION is, how do you come back from crushing losses? Also what was the worst loss you have suffered and decided to continue playing. Were you successful after?
Being that losses are inevitable. Weather luck had a hand or not. How do you bounce back when you lose nearly everyone. I myself have not tried it because I usually start over or reload, but getting ready for Iron man reloading won’t be an option.
I may be doing it to myself, but I start on deadly. My question may actually be for the devs. Are there bottom of the barrel missions to scrape back from nothing?