Reply To: A Question For Current Players

Avatar photoSekata

I, for example, have generally 2 different companies. first special for the experience of playing and testing of patches, there I try different tactics, different line-up the team of mercenaries and possibly looking for errors and check the feedback of the game on the possible actions of the player. in the end – it’s early access – you need as much information to give to developers. In this company I was with a clear conscience Loading sometimes especially one fight a few times – even if it won without loss – especially for the test. The second even called “Real men with steel balls” – no saves, the maximum complexity. so to speak for the Challenge and receive a different experience from the game witch you never get better if the losing fighter will always loaded and run, or replay.

Lol. I love that company name. Seems like a good way to go about playing too. A test file, and a hardcore file.