Reply To: A Question For Current Players

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Farm bandits and undead.
*Farm low tier undead
Zombies can drop light chainmails plus nice helmets and are easy to deal with. Just kill Ghouls first then non armoured zombies, then gang on with a daggers or scramaxes on one you want to drop armour. You can tank zombies easily with high ground and a shield. if you have at last one or two experienced soldiers.
*Hunt down bandits.
Thugs are easiest to kill and you can level up on them. Raiders drop chainmails and good weapons. They are also good source of helmets.
Marksman drop Xbows.
Bandit leaders are relatively easy to kill and can drop Unique weapons and shields and can have heavy armour.
*If short on supplies attack enemy Hunters or if strong enough enemy raiders that come back from raiding.
*Run deliveries. Its easy cash for small company with low upkeep dudes. Also small company move faster on strategic map so you can outrun enemy.
*Lure small Werefolk Packs near villages then take Kill pack Quest from them. You can even run to village and force militia to help you.
*Have reserves in cash. Not too much is needed. Cheap backgrounds don’t need to much cash. Much important is to have weapons and armours for them but hopefully you can collect stuff from your dead soldiers(not if you run from battle).
*Have stocked spare weapons and shields. Spear is preferred and orc leather shields are nice too against low level enemies.
*Have spare armour. Chainmails or some leather armour at last.
*Recruit militiamen, deserters and retired soldiers. They decent stats and are pretty cheap. Retired soldiers can be costly but they come with decent stuff.
*If not enough cash get Thieves, Brawlers and Farmhands. They are cheaper but still solid for a meat shields.
*Avoid fighting Goblins or Orcs. Greenskins are deadly to low level under equipped companies. The same goes for a werewolf packs.

Even if one brother survive you can come back. Run deliveries or exploration quests. Gather some cash and supplies.