Reply To: Before the new big step forward

Avatar photoGabbek

The best comparsion which comes to my mind would be Battle for Wesnoth – you usually own 12 (often much more) units at the same time and rely heavily on RNG. The biggest different, in my opinion is that you’re able to defend your precious units with your meat units – so if RNG is not in your favor, you can always throw some more “shields” to protect your important units. Here – you eventually want to have all of your guys on level 11. Early-mid game you can develop team of X veterans (8 or so? Even more if you’re reloading/playing very carefully) and have few battle brothers who are merely there to protect your important guys. It often helps to mitigate RNG in that way, by having some characters who aren’t all that important to you who can save your more experienced guys lives, if it’s necessary. Forgive me for my english.

In the end it all comes down to two major ways: embrace it, or hate it. If you embrance RNG and learn how to play around when you’re feeling insanely unlucky – the game will become very fun to play (xcom, for example). If you really dislike it… then probably RNG-driven games aren’t all that good for you.