Reply To: Before the new big step forward


I find swingy randomness easier to forgive in Darkest Dungeon becos I’m controlling a small squad of 4 in simplifeid positions. DD’s main draw to me is the flavour; the game is oozing that dark and despair flavour like crazy. Even then, folks complain about the randomness thre as well (and unlike BB you can’t load a previous save hahaha)

I am of the opposite mind: the number of units you control in Darkest Dungeon is smaller, you also can’t really do anything without using an action. So if you HAVE to move forward in order to do anything you sacrifice your turn for that. If you decide to attack and miss you wasted a turn basically and have much less options on the table, which can be even worse if you NEEDED that action to hit. With battle brothers you can control your positioning before you clash and there are more variables that make randomness less of a factor in Battle Brothers.

Battle brothers, you control up to 12 pcs on a full tactical hexagonal grid. Yeah, I can see how the folks who enjoy playing with that setting may want luck to play less of a role.

Honestly, people will complain about anything. There were people who complained that X-COM: Enemy Unknown was too luck based and completely ignored the fact that you can shape the odds in various ways. In fact X-COM: Enemy Unknown gave more options than the original X-COM, despite being simplified in some aspects.