Reply To: A Bit of a Surprise

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It’s a single player game. If there was a multiplayer element I’d have an issue with people reloading their saves to get better stats but since their chosen route doesn’t affect my play experience I don’t understand why this “exploit” needs to be fixed


People will find ways to abuse game mechanics in single player games to cheese the system. This wasn’t a bug; it was just good ol’ fashioned traditional “save scumming.” If players don’t reload for better stats, they’ll still reload to get the best possible mercs before entering a town for the first time (as that’s when they spawn – I tested it), or they’ll reload battles to get the best possible result.

Anyway, long story short: it wasn’t an exploit any more than loading the game in any other given circumstance was. While I don’t like loading the game for stat rerolls, I don’t think the stat rolls made the game unbalanced.

There are some good things about not having rolls (like consistency in stat layouts), but it doesn’t have the same zang that the old system did. I’m looking forward to the revamp of the system when it comes. Hopefully, Brothers’ backgrounds will influence what stats level best or something. (Wildmen getting lots of fatigue? Hedge Knights getting lots of HP? Sellswords getting good Melee and Ranged attack on level up?)

One thing I’d actually love to see is every stat being leveled up a little (because who the heck actually chooses initiative, really?), but being able to choose a few stats as a “focus” for that level that gets a better increase than the others. This might require rebalancing of enemies, though.