Reply To: Please include some kind of "Final Battle"/greater Evil in end game

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Have a little bit of story, maybe a unique dungeon you have to go through with several battles without being able to repair items or heal in between. Or even a corrupt Human faction that has a super huge castle with 50 knights and 30 crossbowmen and guys dumping boiling oil on you from above.

I definitely like how you think.

Truth be told, the first time I was ever concerned was when I saw that the idea of a “greater evil” would be largely removed from the game. I understand the reasoning behind it completely – it keeps the gameplay open rather than linear, better fitting the game design that’s present – but I definitely feel there should be some sort of true “end game” beyond hunting for the nastiest camp of uglies on the map.

I’ve seen Mount and Blade come up as a comparison to this game in the past, and I think it fits perfectly for my purposes here: I hate how the game only gets easier as you progress rather than harder because you quickly begin playing mop-up with the enemy. Whether you’re creating your own nation or helping someone else become ruler, the end game is only what you decide it is, and it’s hard to have an end game when you’ve already “won” unless you want to do something silly (like prop someone up as the ruler of Caladria and then subsequently reconquer the world to build it in your image).

Now, I do find this encouraging:

Not all is lost, however, as Orcs, Goblins and Undead can now experience special events causing a surge in power. As individual orc clans unite for a time and sweep across the world, or the undead rise from their graves, new challenges arise for the player. Repelling an invasion such as this will no longer end the game or be a winning condition, but will bring variety to the game and change the playing field without constricting you to follow a linear story.

But I guess I’m hoping that these enemy factions might wield some powers that are truly end-game worthy, like a goblin clan that summons up plant-monsters to attack the player, or orcish armies that actually bring siege engines to bear into battle against your brothers. If these end-game-level invasions happen, the bases they’re coming from should be deadly.

And I definitely would love to see some gray (exploration) locations on the map that are essentially superdungeons. Like Drygord said: huge, multi-level dungeons with no healing or ammo replenishing in between, complete with traps and torchlight, remnants of a bygone era… or maybe we could have a dragon’s lair on the map, a place filled with treasure but guarded by a creature pretty much guaranteed to kill some (or all) of your Battle Brothers… This sort of content would make the game very replayable. I’d love to come back to see what new mega-challenges I might run into when I generate a new world, what monsters I haven’t discovered yet, etc.

And I’ll note: I know that if content like this is added, it won’t be for a while. Battle Brothers is run by a very busy three man team, after all. But this is the sort of stuff I’d love to see later on down the road, the dessert following the main course.