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What I would like to see is the implementation of specialized ammunition E.G, Bodkin arrows vs broad head arrows, they would work slightly different, the bodkin arrows ignoring more armor and the broad head dealing more damage.

This would add some utilitiy to archers and if you’re willing to go a step further you can add more outlandish types of ammunition such as blunt bolts for crossbows (causes stun, deals less damage), Mongolian whistling arrows (which could work something like the fearsome perk) and the classic fire arrows (which surprise! Sets things on fire).

This would not only add another element of strategy to how you want to outfit your ranged characters, it also has some root in real world history, as detailed in this Wikipedia article

Of course there will be some players that try to take advantage of this, a stunning crossbow could be a incredibly powerful tool but to prevent it from being game breaking perhaps quivers could be smaller for them, something like 3 for the more powerful variations and 5 for the less powerful ones. you could stock up your crossbowman with 15 stunning bolts, which would take up the same space as 50 normal bolts on the paper doll and it would drain your over map ammunition supply a lot faster, therefor working as a deterrent to using too many quivers of specialized ammunition.

I’m loving the game thus far and I can’t wait for the end of February update, keep up the great work!